Cat Cremation

All cat owners or perhaps cat property, know that these regal animals can be the most loving, soft, and warm companions anyone could want. The sudden or even anticipated loss of such a friend can be a devastating event. When it does happen, and this will happen to most pets, the human half of the relationship needs to decide how to proceed with the disposal of the empty animal body, and perhaps arrange for the continuing reminders of the special relationship you have enjoyed.

The final arrangement for the remains of your pet have a number of possibilities. Some choose to bury their beloved cat in a pet cemetery and erect a memorial to provide a place where you might visit. A few decide to have the pet stuffed by a taxidermist, leaving a visual and tactile memory. Increasing numbers are choosing an option that provides for great flexibility in how you remember: cat cremation.

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Cat cremation uses very hot temperatures to reduce the body to ash and a few bone fragments. Options for cat cremation include a group cremation, where several animals are cremated at the same time. This option usually leaves you with a portion of the remains, but is probably the most economical. A second method has the pet placed on its own tray in the crematorium with others. This does permit the separation of the ashes to be returned to the owner. The most expensive choice is to have a private cremation. You would be assured that the ashes were of your pet and only your pet.

Once the ashes are in the urn or other container, you can do almost anything you want with them. The urn may be buried on your property. Ashes may be sprinkled in a yard or in a park, if bylaws permit. By choosing to cremate your cat, you aren’t tied to a particular burial place. ¬†You can place the ashes in a ceramic or metal urn that looks like the friend you have lost and place it on your mantle, table, counter or anywhere else you may wish to see it to maintain your fond memories.

With this service, family members may share the remains of beloved cats. Each member might have a small amount of the ashes to place in some form of memorial jewelry. There are pendants in a large variety of designs to hold a sample of your pet’s last remains. All types of jewelry have been designed to hold a small part of the remains of your cat. Bracelets in gold, silver, stainless steel or other metals hold small containers in an amazing variety of shapes, each intended to carry ashes and keep alive the memory of your precious pet. Earrings also contain tiny amounts of the cremated remains, also called cremains by some people. Rings with ash inside, may remind you of the feline that used to play with those fingers.

Cat cremation is a fast growing industry. If you need to find a place to cremate your cat, you may ask your veterinary doctor, the SPCA, the Humane Society, animal crematoriums, or even some Funeral Homes, to assist you.

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